new website ::

I need to change my name "PSALMOS" for new one, because I used name "psalmos" which was trademark of some firm. This is new website - darekPiano. On this site I'll prepere new lesonss, video intros, progressions etc. New thing will be piano music in my version of worship songs. You can download it very soon
I wish you good time with practice music for a glory our God - Jesus. - stay with God. [darekpiano 2009/03/30 13:30]

:: NEW :: -- 7 intros / endings pack - F KEY

I prepared seven lessons: intros/endings on KEY of F -- progression: I - IV - vi - V.
Its 7 lessons, about 30min, best quality (DVD) and midi keyboard (on the top).
If you you decide to buy this, send me message: On this site you can view short demo of these videos view video
[darekpiano 2009/03/30 13:38]