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Above All - M. Smith - Bb KEY
This is a first song I've prepared on new equipment. I've changed an angle viewing and I've tried to record this song slowly. Chords, music are from M. Smith (link from youtube, some concert). I'm waiting for yours emails :) thank you for your praying, donating...
download 14:06min 60MB [15/02/2008 11:07]

Who Am I - Casting Crowns - B KEY
I like this song very much, nice harmony, sound, chords... I have some difficulty with B key, but I don't change key, it's from orginal song. I'd like to record exactly what I'v heard (piano), but in lesson I'm adding melody too (this is still good for playing + vocal :) - stay with our God
darekPiano -
download 12:51min 51MB [19/02/2008 00:36]

Still - Hillsong - C KEY
Song "Still" I've recorded once again (first is in youtube), this time you can see all keys (my camera has new better place). I think you will be happy :)
download 14:13min 58MB [01/03/2008 23:20]

I can only imagine - Mercy Me - E KEY
I'd tray to record the same piano like orginal song, I think you'll like it. Whole lesson has about 18min and 70MB music, I show you every chord, notes from this song.
download 18:00min 67MB [20/03/2008 15:20]

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