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On this page I give you a "big" video lessons in good quality in which I show every note, chords, progressions etc. This video are for buying because that way I'd have money for developed my free lessons. This take me a lot of time, therefore I'd be able to prepare only few songs for time to time. If you want to help me with this, only you'll decide how much you contribute me financially. If you wanted buy a video lesson, send me a message about it - before you paying. I'll send you via email link for lesson you buy and if you'll like it you would pay for it. If you haven't any money send me email. For every lesson, I'll prepare short demo.
Your Name - Paul Baloche - Bb KEY
It's a song of Paul Baloche. I like it very much. Piano is from orginal song (beginninig). Whole lesson take about 16 minutes (52MB).
download demo 1:07 4.7MB [05/03/2008 23:55]
Let God Arise, Roni Roni... - Paul Wilbur - Am Bm Dm Cm KEY
It's a song of Paul Wilbur. Its lesson with orginal music - (some times I play with orginall song). Whole lesson takes about 30 minutes (90MB). In this song I use mainly chords with bass line.
download demo 2.47min 8.32MB [14/03/2008 14:20]
Jesus Lover of My Soul - Hillsong - F KEY
It's a song from Hillsong. Whole lesson takes about 16min (80MB)- step by step... You can download short demo with some chords :).
download demo 1.23min 6.75MB [08/07/2008 19:30]
Give Thanks - Don Mowen - F KEY
Whole lesson takes about 20min (85MB). This is my version of this song (slowly than original).
download demo 2.00min 10.1MB [08/07/2008 19:34]
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